- Ship Lights-

These lamps, lanterns and lights were actually used onboard sailing ships decades ago. Once retired, the ships are essentially "scrapped" and all the tools, parts and various components are stored in shipwrecking yards until we buy them. We carry Galvanized, Brass, and Copper Lanterns (within the past 5-7 years copper and brass lanterns have become very hard to find as more modern ship builders opt for less expensive material options including galvanized steel, fiberglass and plastics).
Occasionally, upon request, sets of two or four may be paired up. Please call or e-mail for availability.

*Lighting does not come wired; always have a licensed electrician inspect and approve all sockets, hardware, etc prior to use.

*check out the very bottom of the page for some salvage-inspired pieces that we have custom made for our shop that are a fresh new take on the old pieces...  As the supply of salvaged pieces shrinks each year, we'll begin recasting new versions of the salvaged pieces.

Passageway lights:

These curved "90 degree" passageway lights are one of our most popular lights. They are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use (solid brass will not rust) and cost only a little more than plastic reproductions. 

We carry "regular" (pictured) and "XL" sizes.  XL measures about 15" from top of junction box to bottom of brass cage, regular measures about 11".

"regular" curved 90 degree brass passageway lights

90 degree curved passageway light

left: salvaged brass regular passageway lights (range between 7 1/4" and 8 1/2" tall)
right: salvaged brass 90 degree curved passageway lights (appx 11" tall)

"regular" passageway light (7-9" tall)

"regular" passageway lights (aka bulkhead lights) 7-9" tall

Low profile wall / bulkhead / ceiling mount lights / 4-bar lights:


"4-bar" lights (appx 9 1/4" face diameter)

left to right above: brass regular post lights, 4-bar lights, oslo post lights


"4 bar" light

4-bar lights (smaller version; appx 7 1/2" face diameter, 4" depth)

salvaged brass "4-bar" lights

"4 bar" lights

"4 bar" lights

"4-bar" ship light (appx 9 1/4" diameter face)

"4-bar" ship lights (appx 9 1/4" diameter face)
 Post / base mount lights:

"regular" post lights (9 1/4" height, appx 6" diameter base)

"Belfast" post lights (appx 11 1/2" tall, 6 1/2" wide)
*salvaged pieces pictured; we are now recasting these pieces as our supply of salvage has run out

brass Oslo post lights (appx 12" tall with 3 post base, holes appx 3 3/4" apart in equilateral triangular pattern)

left: salvaged brass regular passageway lights can be base/post mounted or wall/bulkhead mounted(range between 7 1/4" and 8 1/2" tall)
Foxlights / Cargo / pendant / hanging lights:
Fox Lights were used as deck and cargo lights on ships.
They make for great accents in the kitchen or over a bar and are suitable for outdoor use.
These are made entirely of copper and brass and come in 3 sizes: (sizes are approximate)

small: 9 3/4" face diameter x 10" height without arm
medium:  12" diameter x 12" height w/out arm
large: 17 1/4" face diameter x 22" height w/out arm
These lights have been featured in many designer homes and publications including Architectural Digest and Coastal Living magazines.
**UPDATE: Salvaged foxlights have officially become scarce.  We buy salvaged pieces wherever we can but the end of the supply is near.  Ask about our new production copper and brass foxlights - they look exactly like the salvaged pieces and are of the same high quality.


medium sized beehive / ribbed foxlight

salvaged large foxlight, beehive/ribbed body

foxlight - large "smooth" body

foxlight - large "beehive/ribbed" (left) and small "smooth" (right)

foxlight - medium "beehive" shown

foxlights: small, medium and large (right: small shown)

size variety of foxlights with "beehive" / ribbed and smooth bodies


Lanterns (oil burning):

These are some copper lanterns that we have carried. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find these salvaged pieces as ships have been phasing out the use of expensive metals such as copper and brass to switch to ganvanized steel or aluminum.
Availability of these salvaged pieces is low and they sell quickly.

port (red) and starboard (green) lantern set in galvanized metal - sold


salvaged galvanized lantern - 360 degree Fresnel lens


salvaged galvanized lanterns with Fresnel lenses

Assorted galvanized steel ship lanterns. We usually have quite a few of these in stock at all times; may be able to find "matching" pairs.

salvaged, polished galvanized ship lantern

port and starboard galvanized lanterns (sold), "regular" passageway light (7 1/4" tall)

"not under command" galvanized ship lantern

brass porthold table and galvanized ship lantern

brass and aluminum lantern - stands 15 1/2" tall

pair salvaged copper Port and Starboard lanterns (*starboard green gel lens is missing) - both have burner and chimney - appx 22" tall.

XL copper Masthead lantern - stands 24" tall *slight crumpling damage; available at a discount

XL Port and Starboard *unmatched* pair salvaged copper lanterns - 22" tall - Starboard lantern is by Seahorse serial #30836, Port lantern is by Smith & Barnes Newcastle on Tyne #2130

Salvaged XL copper Starboard "Stuurboord" Dutch lantern, appx 22" tall

360 degree galvanized ship's anchor lantern - stands 19" tall

XL galvanized "Meteorite" Port ship's lantern - stands 22" tall

Galvanized ship's lanterns

salvaged brass Japanese Lifeboat Lanterns (appx 13" tall not including handle and 16" including handle, width appx 9 1/2")

galvanized (painted) Kilburn Sauer lantern *has been converted to electrical lamp
Running lights (electrical):
Originally used on ships, running lights ran off electrcicity - normally AC but occasionally DC - and were hard wired into the ship's electrical system. 
When salvaged, wires are cut at the base and removed from the ship. 
Our salvaged lighting does not come wired (unless otherwise specified) and we always recommend having a licensed electrician
inspect and approve any sockets, wiring, etc prior to use.

Copper and brass masthead lights (15" tall x 9 /2" top diameter). (sold)

salvaged brass and copper lanterns, running lights (front row only - back row are oil burning lanterns) - just polished! (we have all
lighting polished before being shipped to us, but in the salt air they do begin to patina quickly)

left: set brass plated copper salvaged *wired running lights - sold
right: Portside running light - copper - sold


salvaged brass and copper running lights

double stacked running lights - sold

salvaged copper navigational lights (this pair sold)

Double stacked clear fresnel lens electric light 19" height

single clear fresnel electric light 8 1/2" tall

Electric "Port" fresnel lens light (appx 14" tall) - sold

Double stacked "Masthead" clear lens wall mount electric light
(appx 16" height) *similar light embossed with "Port" also available - sold

Double stacked 360 light (appx 17" tall) - sold

single stack copper electric lights (appx 14" tall) - sold

Port and Starboard double stacked brass electric lights (appx 18 1/2" tall) - sold

Running lights (from left to right brass or copper labels read as follows: "All Around Red", -none-, "Starboard", "Port", "Stern", "Masthead" and "Noack AS Serie 700 N.V.C")

Running lights (from left to right read as follows" "Perko", "Perko", -none- "Perko", "Perko", "Port" and "Masthead/Topp Tranberg Ser 855 App. NK 1977")

Double stacked "Port" (left) and "Masthead" (right) lights

single stack electric light 8 1/2" tall

hanging mount 360 clear lens electric light (13" tall)
brass threaded Masthead running lights

brass wall mount running lights

Galvanized running light (set of 3) from GDR (East Germany): Eb Schiffsl & Termenwern

 brass running light w 3 bulbs - stands 13" tall

brass running light Nippon make 1973 - stands 9" tall - sold

brass running light Nippon make 1981 - 9" tall - sold

lightweight brass running light 1984 - 10" tall

brass perko All Around Red - sold

single stack brass running light - sold

matching port & starboard set - getting really tough to find... (sold)

single stack "all around red" running ligths - brass

"Verona via Bianco" brass light 14" tall - sold

All around red brass running light (sold)

"Allround / Rund Tranberg Ser # 2850...  250v" brass running light appx 13" tall

copper "All Round Red" 13" tall

"Not Under Command" 13" tall by Meteorite - sold

Port and Stern copper running lights - 14" tall - sold

brass "OVG" light - 11" tall - sold
copper Anchor light

copper Not Under Command light

galvanized (painted) running light (*converted to electrical) Staten Island NY - sold

 salvaged painted galvanized running lights

Salvaged galvanized running lights - these were all made in "GDR" (East Germany) - above serial number #22436

salvaged galvanized running light made in "GDR" serial #07774

salvaged galvanized running light made in "GDR" (East Germany) serial # 07772

salvaged galvanized running light made in GDR serial #06634

salvaged galvanized running light made in GDR serial #79841

salvaged galvanized running light made in GDR serial #92250

salvaged painted galvanized running lights

salvaged copper running lights (sold)
salvaged copper running light

salvaged copper running light

brass 360 degree clear lens running lights: "Lanterne - A
26CD - TEF908" serial # 05670
appx 9" diameter, 10" tall

Gigantic pair salvaged aluminum Navigational buoy lights 28" tall

salvaged USCG lights; these are actually buoy lights, as opposed to running lights

another USCG buoy light
Searchlights, spotlights, signal lights:

 signal light for signalling ship to ship; copper and brass - appx 2.5' tall

Huge XL salvaged British Naval spotlight, South Croyden England 3000 watts - appx 54" tall, 28 1/2" face diameter


salvaged brass spotlight (wired); made in New York, USA

salvaged small brass spotlight



Brass searchlight/spotlight - stands 52" tall and is on a pivot that is controlled
from under the 10" diameter base. Face of spotlight 15" diameter. (sold)

small salvaged brass spotlight
New production, salvage-inspired lighting:

aluminum passageway-style light with shade

New: aluminum foxlights inspired by our salvaged brass & copper foxlights; sizes large (pictured left front) 16 1/2" face diameter x 21" height when arm is extended or medium (pictured left rear and right) 13 3/4" diameter face x 18" height

new large sized aluminum foxlight (appx height 22" including arm)

new production solid brass "Slim Line" style lights (appx 12" tall)

 Newly made/reproduction port and starboard galvanized lanterns *these are made with original/old glass fresnel lenses - appx 18" tall (not including arm)

new production aluminum 90 degree passageway light (XL) - these were inspired by our salvaged passageway lights and were cast from one so they're the same dimensions as the brass...  Just not as heavy and easier on the wallet *interior use suggested

new production aluminum regular 90 degree passageway light (pictured with aluminum shade; available with copper or white aluminum shade)

We have exhausted the supply of salvaged Belfast lights and now offer a new solid brass cast Belfast light which is the exact size and shape of the previously stocked pieces.  (appx 11 1/2" tall, 6 1/2" wide)

Galvanized lantern; these are made with salvaged Fresnel lenses, but the body of the lantern is newly made - appx 20" tall (not including arm)