- Glass Fishing
Net Floats -

These salvaged glass fishing net floats are the perfect accent for a dock, boathouse, or den. These floats come in various sizes and colors (call or email for availability).

2" diameter  (without net only - light green/teal only) *running very low on this size...
3" diameter (available with or without net - light green/teal only)
4" diameter (without net only - light green/teal only)
5" diameter (without net only - light green/teal only)
5-6" length "rolling pin" style (without net only - light green/teal only)
6" diameter (sold out)
9" diameter (sold out)
12" diameter (netted: green, a few amber/light yellow but nearly sold out)
"binary" (two 9" fused together) floats (netted: light green/teal only)


Various sized floats: 6", 9" and 12"

12" float

6" floats

9" float

2", 3" and 4" teal/light green floats

6" red float and 9" teal float

12" float (green), 6" float (blue), 9" floats (gold/amber and orange)
Rare "binary" floats (two 9" floats fused together)

12" float teal

assorted sized glass fishing floats
Various sized glass fishing floats

glass fishing floats

- Glass Jugs -

Although not as popular (and not necessarily ship related) as the glass floats, these glass jugs and bottles are great for making lights (put a strand of christmas lights in them) or a large vase


These Onion Jugs were used typically as water jugs. Some of the smaller ones may have been used as rum flasks as well. This shape comes in small and large in the following colors:

blue (sorry, blue is sold out), teal and red/orange.


Sold out of this shape jug

Sold out of this shape


"saki" bottles (19" length x appx 6" diameter base)

Tiny onion jug - short neck
The tiny glass floats make great centerpieces when grouped together and placed in glass vases!

onion jugs
saki bottles, floats

Real cork float lines