- Glass Fishing
Net Floats -

These salvaged glass fishing net floats are the perfect accent for a dock, boathouse, or den.
Blown glass fishing floats were used from the 1800s through the late 1960s
hen they were changed out for molded plastic floats. 
These salvaged glass floats come in various sizes
(please call or email for pricing and availability). 

Availability updated as of 9/1/15:
2" diameter  (without net only - green only) *running very low on this size...
3" diameter (available with or without net - green only)
4" diameter (without net only - green only)
5" diameter (sold out)
5-6" length "rolling pin" style (without net only - green only)
6" diameter (sold out)
9" diameter (sold out)
12" diameter (netted: green only)
"binary" (two 9" fused together) floats (netted: green only)


Various sized floats: 6" (grapefruit size), 9" (volleyball size) and 12" (basketball size)

12" float

2", 3" and 4" tiny glass floats

6" float and 9" float

12" float (green), 6" float (blue), 9" floats (gold/amber and orange)
Rare "binary" floats (two 9" floats fused together)

12" float teal

Assorted sized tiny glass fishing floats

the tiny 2" glass floats make great centerpieces or Christmas ornaments

tiny fishing floats (3" shown here)

12" glass float (backlit), binary float in background

12" glass fishing net float pyramid; many still have barnacles!

stack of rare binary fishing floats

a Mammoth Clam shell makes a beautiful bowl for the tiny glass floats and rolling pin floats

salvaged Steamer trunk full of 3" and 4" salvaged glass fishing floats
Glass Jugs - sold out
onion jugs / saki bottles