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All of our ship salvage comes from "ship breaking" yards around the world and is actually salvaged from working vessels. Once retired, the ships are essentially scrapped and all the tools, parts and various components are stored in these yards until we buy them.

Some items we have refurbished, some we keep as-is. This inventory is always changing as we try to find new pieces each time we comb the breaking yards during our travels.

We typically receive shipments of salvage ONCE every 7 months or so;
please call or e-mail for pricing and availability!
*Items pictured under each category will read "available" under the photo if available; otherwise, that item has been sold.

Sold pieces remain pictured to show the wide range of items that exist,
that we have carried, and that we continue to try to find and salvage.

*Hint: use the "control F" buttons to search this page for keywords such as hatch cover, foxlights or charts*

Grates & Hatch Covers (CLICK HERE):
Used as flooring,  grates are made from hard or soft wood depending on the budget of the ship.

Hatch covers are typically long, heavy solid slabs of wood.

lifering from the "Alex King" of Panama
Lifesaving devices: liferings, lifeboat oars and lifeboats (CLICK HERE):

salvaged wooden lifeboat oars

a great double sheaved pair of pulleys
Block pulleys (CLICK HERE):
Most have been reconditioned, stripped and polished.  These come to us in a variety of sizes, some with hooks, eyes, beckets, etc and some without.  Single wheeled, double sheaved (wheels) and occasionally a triple or more here and there...

...and deadeyes.

double sheaved block pulleys

Polynesian boat converted to a bench
Reclaimed / Salvaged boat & boatwood furniture & rudders (CLICK HERE):
We get actual small boats and the occasional dinghy as well as salvaged dugouts and outriggers that have been converted to furniture.

The salvaged rudders make for gorgeous art.

boat rudder

1943 C. Plath sextant
Navigational Instruments (CLICK HERE):
Anemometers, Barometers, Chronometers, Clocks, Octants, optical tools (binoculars, telescopes), RPM gauges, Sextants, Stadimeters, sound powered ship telephones, ship logs / taffrail logs - all salvaged from ships. 

French manufactured barometer

Great Lakes Steam gauges
many Great Lakes manufactured pieces

Small gauge "Great Lakes Engineering Works"

Polish inclinometer

Inclinometers / Clinometers
& Rudder Angle Indicators (CLICK HERE)
used to measure the list of a ship in still water and the roll in rough water

aluminum inclinometer by Kelvin Hughes

salvaged hand woven rope fender
Rope & metal bumpers / fenders, wood buoys, line (rope) and cargo nets (CLICK HERE):

1" gauge salvaged line
Ship doors (CLICK HERE):
All of our doors are salvaged from ships - passenger, ferry, yacht, merchant marine, etc.  They have a round or square window and typically come with the frame and hardware, but not always.  These sell quickly and we only receive between 8 and 10 in each shipment.

salvaged fluked kedge (aka "Yachtsman") anchors
Anchors, chain,
propellers & capstans


painted kedge yachtsman anchor
Steamer Trunks (CLICK HERE):
all of these trunks are salvaged and most are from the time during the British Raj when Great Britain occupied India (1850s - 1940s) - they stored passengers' personal valuables during ocean transit

Stocznia Goanska im.Lonina 1973 hull plate
Hull Plates / Builder Plates

All the brass and aluminum builder's (hull) plates are salvaged.  They are salvaged from ships or from the actual dock or shipyard.  Many have the date and hull number of a particular ship, some feature graphics, logos or special unique images.

Szczecin Shipyard Poland 1976 builder's plate

salvaged galvanized ship lanterns w/ Fresnel lenses
Ship lights (CLICK HERE):
For all lighting styles, see our "ship lights" section.
Salvaged from merchant marine and cruise ships, lighting on board varied in size, material (galvanized steel, brass, copper, aluminum), and type (electric running lights, oil burning lanterns, electric cargo cargo)

Large sized copper and brass salvaged fox lights / cargo lights.

salvaged brass regular passageway lights & 90 degree curved passageway lights*
*featured in Country Living Magazine.
Swedish ship's exit placard
Salvage as ART (CLICK HERE):
 Salvaged art and remnants from cruise ships, sounding boards, original deck plans and blueprints

framed original deck plan / blueprint "City of Erie"

manual pump foghorn
 This will redirect you to our "bells" section, but our salvaged foghorns, sirens and manual whistles come in a range of types: crank, pump and pneumatic.

Norwegian pattern rotary manual foghorn

Sig. Bergesen crockery
Ship Crockery (CLICK HERE):
Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware (cups, plates, saucers, bowls) bearing each line’s unique House Flag emblem

**We hand pick crockery during our annual buying trips, so these batches only come in every other shipment (14-18 months apart). 


salvaged ship handrails

 cabin bunk ladders, pilot / jacob's ladders, and full stair cases from ships

ship staircase

Tybee Island, GA chart
Navigational Charts

The retired navigational charts that we carry also come from shipbreaking yards and were salvaged from working vessels.

retired nav charts from around the globe

Sabine Towing Company, Houston TX salvaged name board
Ship logos & Name Boards

Salvaged from ships, bearing the ship's name and/or flag (emblem / logo)

salvaged Turkish ship's flag / logo

salvaged ship's keyboxes
Keyboxes (CLICK HERE):
All salvaged from merchant marine vessels, these range in size and condition...  Great display for lure collections or keeping all the family's keys in one place!

salvaged double panel keybox

salvaged manual heading indicator


Hand Picked Ship breaking yard finds

all salvaged items we hand pick at the breaking yards that don't have a category of their own... furniture, air scoops / cowlings / air vents, deckhand megaphones / bullhorns, ship's safe, gears...

salvaged steel cowl / air vent scoop

solid brass cast cleats

Crab/lobster traps, cargo nets, fish nets, hardware (belaying pins, cleats, fids, oar lock hooks, speaking tubes), cannons (and other weaponry), boat models and architectural salvage

salvaged iron line cannon, NYC mfgr

early salvaged Chinese dive helmet
Dive gear and equipment (CLICK HERE):
dive hats, air pumps, weight belts, weighted dive boots, dive suits, etc...
dive boots weighted
Russian mfgr weighted dive boots

salvaged Alfa signal flag
a SEA of salvaged country, signal and pennant flags - email or call for availability!

salvaged Zulu signal flag