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All of our ship salvage comes from "ship breaking" yards around the world and is actually salvaged from working vessels. Once retired, the ships are essentially scrapped and all the tools, parts and various components are stored in these yards until we buy them.

Some items we have refurbished, some we keep as-is. This inventory is always changing as we try to find new pieces each time we comb the breaking yards during our travels.

We typically receive shipments of salvage ONCE every 7 months or so; please call or e-mail for availability!
*Check the HOMEPAGE for the most recent links of new shipments.

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left: Vintage Chinese dive helmet.
middle: early American dive helmet
right: vintage reproduction (1980) Mark V dive helmet
**Authentic dive helmets are increasingly hard to find (all the above have been sold) but we do bring in one or so per year; they sell very quickly!
dive boots weighted

left: brass-weighted diving boots (*Russian?). *American (possibly Mark V) dive suit with weight belt. (sold)


(above): Salvaged Lifeboat Oars are available in two styles: (1) stripped and polished as shown in this photo or (2) with original marine safety orange paint; some of the painted oars retain the lifeboat name on the sweep. These range in length from about 10' to 15'.

salvaged ship key boxes (great to display lure collections or just keep all the family's keys in one place)

salvaged lifeboat oars make great wall accents, curtain rods or handrails
(these pieces range from around 12' to 15' in length)


Ship stairs (open or close-back)

Used as flooring, covering a hatch or placements requiring frequent drainage on board ships, grates are typically made from hardwoods including teak or mahogany, but softwoods were/are also used depending on the budget of the ship and placement of the particular piece.
These make "great" coffee tables, hanging pot racks, headboards, or simply stand-alone art.

Salvaged ship grate

Ship grates - various wood types, finishes and sizes

Some of the largest ship grates we have received reach measurements of 4'8" x 5'2" and 8'2" x 3'2" (great dining room table tops)

salvaged ship grate

ship's grates

ship grates

ship grate
All salvaged liferings come to us in standard marine safety orange color, most have the ship name and city of registration printed; sizes are approximately 29-31" outside diameter

Salvaged liferings

salvaged liferings / life preservers

Liferings or life preservers - all salvaged off ships from all over the world

salvaged liferings

salvaged liferings

Salvaged boat rudders - these have sold but check the homepage for upcoming shipments

. .

Brass ringed block pulleys - put them to use as pulleys, bookends or art.

pair of salvaged, brass-ringed block pulleys - a good set for bookends

block and tackle, brass ringed pulleys (Fall 2011: Compare to Restoration Hardware's Objets D'Art!)

Various sizes of block pulleys (12" - 18" length on average)

 reconditioned salvaged block pulleys - appx 14" tall
parts of a block pulley from the top "hook" down to the wooden "cheek", the "face" includes the 3 wood facias on each side of the brass "sheaves" (wheels) and on the bottom might be a metal "becket"; these do not have beckets

a nice small block pulley

Boat benches made from actual salvaged Polynesian boats and outriggers - check the homepage for upcoming shipments of reclaimed boat furniture

Sun boats, Thai produce boats & dugouts - sold



Polynesian Boat Shelves (these too were once functioning boats!) 81" tall - these are the only two left in stock (10/14)!

salvaged polynesian boats and outriggers converted to bookshelves

salvaged polynesian boat shelf (sold; check the homepage for the next Indonesian shipment)

Boat bench furniture (sold; check the homepage for the next Indonesian shipment)

Boat bench furniture (sold; check the homepage for the next Indonesian shipment)

tiny pirot boat, harpoons, lobster buoys

Lobster cars and crab traps


brass deckhand bugles 14-24"

salvaged deckhand megaphones

Bullhorns - these colorful horns came off ships and they really work! Recent color touchups...


Salvaged hatch covers Style "A" (appx 8 1/2' long x 13 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" thick) - sold out - check the homepage for the next India/Turkey salvage shipment

extra large salvaged hatch covers Style "B" (app 9'7" long x 12" wide x 2 1/2" thick) - sold out - check the homepage for the next India/Turkey salvage shipment

Salvaged hatch covers Style "C" (appx 82" long x10" wide x 3 1/2" thick) - sold out - check the homepage for the next India/Turkey salvage shipment

Air vents (aka "air scoop" or "cowling") (right: new production ship's figurehead Indian Maiden, sold)

Double "binary" glass fishing net floats, ship grate chandelier, wired 90 degree passageway lights, wired 4-bar lights with port/starboard colors, bunk ladder

Shrimp nets - fresh from the Gulf! Various sizes and colors, but all authentic!


old shrimp nets - cut to 5x10' and 10x10' sections for decorating (they still smell like the ocean)


Clocks, Barometers, Sextants, Pelorus, Stadimeters, Octants, Gauges (gages), Clinometers, Chronometers - all salvaged from ships. 

We get a few of each of these in each shipment, once every 7-9 months; check the home page for updates on recent arrivals of shipments of salvage


Clinometer and Barometer

Freiberger Celestial navigation globe (sold)

Pelorus (sold)



Great Lakes Steam gauges (sold)

Medium sized gauge: "Trimmer - Frank Morrison & Sons - Cleveland, Ohio. U.S.A." (sold)

Small gauge "Great Lakes Engineering Works" (sold)

U.S. Gauge Co. NY "Retard"

General Fire Extinguisher Co. Providence Plant.  Providence R.I. Water.  American S.G. & V. Mfg Boston USA 4 1/2 IN American Bourdon Gauge.

Brass sextant: 1913.  A gorgeous piece! (pic 1 of 2) (sold)

1913 sextant paperwork; (pic 2 of 2) sold.

C. Plath sextant 1943 (pic 1 of 2)

C. Plath sextant 1943 (pic 2 of 2)

C. Plath sextant.  (sold)

right: Clinometer 8" diameter face

Aneroid Barometer - back diameter 7 1/4" diameter (sold)

Tamaya barometer 5 1/2" diameter face (sold)

Clinometer - Polish make (sold)

 8 day Russian ship clock *replacement face, key included (sold)

8 day ship's clock by Sestrel (sold)

Seth Thomas bells clock (bells do not work) - sold

Schatz bells clock (bells do work)

Anemometers measure and indicate wind speed and direction.  Unique pieces that we've only found a few of...

Cherub Ship's Log and various engine room oilers

Cherub Ship's Log

early Engine Room Signalling Bell system (sold)

Hamilton Ship's Chronometer - sold


Clinometer 9 1/4" diameter (back case)


Jules Richard barometer (sold)

Barometer #1: 7 3/6" total diameter (back case) - sold

Barometer #3: 8" diameter (back case)

barometer #2: 8 3/4" diameter (back case) - sold
  Salvaged rope bumpers / fenders:
lots of new production versions of these salvaged pieces are popping up in fashionable home designs all along the coast.  These make great outdoor ottomans or door stops!

Salvaged rope bumpers/fenders make great door stops or ottomans; 12" to 20" tall and larger

Rope bumpers/fenders various sizes (14-16" diameter)

woven rope and burlap bumpers or fenders

Rope bumpers, iron fenders

Retired navigational charts from around the world

portholes, sextants, antique doors hand-picked in India (sold)
All of our doors are salvaged from ships - passenger, ferry, yacht, merchant marine, etc.  They have a round or square window and typically come with the frame and hardware, but not always.  These sell quickly and we only receive between 10 and 15 in each shipment so check the homepage for the most recent salvage shipment link to see updated inventory.

RARE Double mahogany ship doors with brass portholes salvged from a UK passenger ship... we also carry single ship doors with brass or aluminum windows... These double sets were salvaged off the vessel "Royal Empress" which was sent to scrap November 2009 (sold out)

salvaged ship doors

salvaged ship's door

salvaged ship's door

Salvaged ship's doors
Salvaged ship doors
salvaged ship doors - occasionally we get some that match for a nice French door set

Salvaged ship door

salvaged ship door
Some are salvaged, some are new production, cast with a mold from an old anchor we can no longer source.  Just ask what we have in stock!

salvaged fluked anchors (appx 2 1/2' in length)

recast (new production) 2 1/2' (feet) fluked anchors; recreated from a mold of the salvaged pieces

salvaged anchors - fluked: 5' tall

mid 1800s anchor recovered from the Gulf of Mexico - sold

hand woven willow day markers

hand woven willow day markers

Salvaged Iron diamond-shaped fenders
Diamond shaped metal fenders are salvaged and are great yard art. (*sizes range: "small" appx 24" tall, "medium" appx 31" tall, "large" appx 35" tall)

salvaged ship's safe (appx 400 lbs) - Yes, the key is included!

diamond shaped iron fenders - sizes measure appx 24"x11" and 24"x15"

portholes, tiny (new) brass cleats, ship wheel, lanterns, fishing floats, passageway lights, oars, foxlights
  Steamer Trunks:
all of these trunks are salvaged and most are from the time during the British Raj when Great Britain occupied India (1850s - 1940s) - they stored passengers' personal valuables during ocean transit

Salvaged steamer trunk - sold

Salvged steamer trunk #2

steamer trunk #3 (sold)

ship wheel, trunk, pulley block, shrimp nets, onion jug

salvaged fibercarbon gears 10-12" diameters.

Various sized gears - 3" to 9" diameters
  Hull Plates / Builder Plates:
All the brass and aluminum builder's (hull) plates are salvaged.  They are salvaged from ships or from the actual dock or shipyard.  Many have the date and hull number of a particular ship, some feature graphics, logos or special unique images.

 brass builder's plate - Stocznia Goanska 1973 - one of the largest shipyards in Poland, established in 1945
(appx 16" x 10")

brass builder's plate - Szczecin Shipyard Poland 1976 (sold)

builder's plate "Uraga-Sulzer" appx 28"x5 1/2"

salvged brass ships hull plate: daewoo shipbuilding, Okpo Korea (sold)

salvaged brass ships hull plate: Italcantieri - Sestri 1979 (sold)

salvaged brass ships hull plate Kurushima Dockyard Launching 1976 (sold)

salvaged brass ships hull plate Szczecin Shipyard Poland 1980 *year of Poland's Independence: "Solidarity!" uprising which was led primarily by shipbuilders (sold)

Builder's plate: P. Smit Jr Rotterdam "NoV662 - Ao 1969" (appx 20 x 17 1/2")

 builder's plate: Chantiers De France Dunkerque 1982
(appx 21 1/2" x 18")

builder's plate: Namura Shipbuilding Co, LTD, Osaka Japan Aug 1975
(appx 20"x12")

Above and right: salvaged brass builder's plate: SS Gulf Trader - Built for Gulf & South American Steamship Co, Inc. - By Abondale Shipyards, Inc. - New Orleans, LA. - Designed by Gibbs & Cox, INC. - 1964 - USMA Hull No. 168 - Builder's Hull No. 1037 (dimensions appx 52" x 28 1/4")

detail of SS Gulf Trader builder's plate:
52" x 28 1/2"

Brass plate: "Martin Hi-Jet System World Wide Patents Wilson, Walton International Croydon, England" appx 9 1/2" x 9 1/4"
Salvaged from merchant marine and cruise ships, lighting on board varied in size, material (galvanized steel, brass, copper, aluminum), and type (electric running lights, oil burning lanterns, electric cargo cargo)

Large sized copper and brass salvaged fox lights / cargo lights.

salvaged galvanized oil lanterns

XL rectangular fixed brass porthole windows

Norwegian Pattern foghorn, XL brass port light
window with functional porthole

original ship blueprint from vessel "City of Erie"; mounted and framed

original framed deck plans, "City of Erie"

Pump style manual foghorn

salvaged box foghorn - Japanese origin (appx 19" length x 10 1/2"
width x 12 1/2" height)

Norwegian Pattern rotary manual foghorn / manual whistle
  Authentic Ship Crockery
(Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware)
 bearing each line’s unique House (aka “Company”) Flag or Funnel emblem
**We hand pick crockery during our annual buying trips, so these batches only come in every other shipment (18 months apart).  Most of what is pictured here has sold, but check the most recent links from the HOME PAGE of our website for new arrivals of salvage including crockery.

Sig. Bergesen d.y ASA (SOLD)
-Norwegian Ship Management company founded in 1935
-Tanker vessels, dry bulk cargo shipping, gas
-likely salvaged from the vessel Varanger (built 1974), sold & renamed (s/r) Faith 1984, s/r Faith I 1987, s/r Alice G 1991, s/r Seafriend 1991, s/r Akti A 1997, s/r Norna 2001, scrapped 2006

salvaged ship crockery / ship plates

Odfjell shipping
-Norwegian shipping company founded in 1916
-Parcel Tankers, Tank terminal operators
-trademark orange vessels
-likely salvaged from vessel Taranger (built 1969), renamed Star Taranger 1972, sold & renamed (s/r) Star Najd 1978, s/r Star Orpheus 1980, s/r Star Luzon 1981, renamed San Juan Victory 1985, s/r Med Carrara 1990, scrapped 1994.

blue odfjell sold

Westfal-Larsen shipping (sold)
Norwegian shipping company founded in 1905
- entered into cooperation with Odfjell shipping in 1964
-de-merger changed ownership to Masterbulk (Singapore)
-likely salvaged from vessel Porsanger (built 1976), sold & renamed (s/r) Bow Saturn 1990, s/r NCC Jouf 1990, sold & retained name 2000, scrapped as Atria 2006.
Helge Myhre (sold)
- Norwegian Shipping Management company
- likely salvaged from the vessel originally named the Lord Kelvin in 1978…  renamed Helios 1987, renamed Herdis 1991, sold & renamed Jag Vayu 1997, scrapped 2009.

Storli (sold)
-Norwegian parent company of Odjfell Tankers
-flag spec: swallow-tailed white with 3 entwined blue circles
-likely salvaged from vessel Nordanger (built 1976), sold & renamed (s/r)
Bow Selene
1990, renamed NCC Madinah 1990, sold retained name 2000,
scrapped as Diana 2006.

d'Amico International Shipping: Italian Maritime Transport company founded in 1952

National Shipping Co. of Saudi Arabia: founded in 1979, headquartered in the capiral city of Riyadh - sold

Maersk-Sealand Line, Danish company founded in 1928 and considered the largest container shipping company in the world

 PAN Ocean Shipping Co Ltd (POSC) founded in Seoul in 1966, originally called PAN Ocean Bulk Carriers Ltd before merger

PMH Polish Line

R SSM Line

Stolt-Neilsen Inc, Norwegian-Bermudean shipping and seafood company headquartered formally in Bermuda - sold

Torkel Alendal, Karmsund: Norwegian shipping company founded in 1979, headquartered in Haugesund - sold

Anek Lines: Greek Shipping Company founded in 1967 by shareholders from Crete, specializing in passenger ferries mainly on the Piraeus-Crete and Adriatic Sea Lines (dinner plates and large serving platters) - sold

 Norna Shipping Corp, SAE: Egyptian company (XL and large serving platters) *largest we've found yet! - sold

Detail Norna Shipping Corp

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation: Taiwan company founded in 1972 with historical links to the China Merchants Steam Navigation Company which dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1872-1995) (sold out) - sold

Sun Lines, Chandris Lines (aka "Celebrity Cruises") Greek shipping company founded in 1988 with the signature "X" representing the Greek letter "chi" for the founding family's name...  NSB Shipping Company: Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft GmbH & Co, K.G., Buxtehude German company founded in 1982... Westwind Africa Line Ltd: Greek shipping company headquartered in Piraeus
Crockery not pictured:
Aksay Shipping (Turkish Managment and ship operating company founded in 1973)
Finmare (Italian passenger shipping company est. in the 1970's)
PT Djakarta Lloyd (Jakarta, Indonesia shipping company)
Wan Hai Lines
Sea France
United Arab Shipping Co
PMH Shipping
RSSM Shipping
ESL Shipping
Costamare Shipping
Helge Myhre
Neptune Ltd (Russian surveying and ship chandler services) - SOLD OUT

WWII era U.S. Navy engine order telegraph (EOT), bunk ladder, key box, glass fishing net floats, framed Galveston map, framed fan coral art

uscg raft

A coil of Jacob's (aka Pilot's) ladder is shown on the left, and unrolled on the right; sold "per rung" (appx 1' between each rung)
The retired navigational charts that we carry also come from shipbreaking yards and were salvaged from working vessels.
Most charts measure around 2 1/2' x 3' (feet). We do not list each one online, but here are a few examples of what some of our charts look like...

When emailing inquiries about specific locations, please include the closest LARGE port or city so we can easily reference the area.
Occasionally we'll come across charts that have handwritten routing plans - we've even had a few with warnings about pirates (those are ususally off the western coasts of Africa) and one that even reminded in bright orange marker of migratory and calving patterns of Right Whales along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.!

salvaged retired navigational charts from around the globe

retired navigational chart

Georgia retired navigational chart: Tybee Island to Doboy Sound - sold

North Carolina to Florida coastline showing migratory and calving patterns
of Right Whales - sold

Connecticut: New Haven Harbor retired navigational chart - sold

South Carolina / Georgia retired navigational chart: St Helena Sound to Savannah River - sold

Maryland / Virginia retired navigational chart: Chesapeake Bay southern region - sold
  Name Boards:
Salvaged from ships, bearing the ship's name!

Guacamaya Bar salvaged ship's name board (12" x 92")

Ship's nameboard "PAC DUCHESS" (sold)

Ship's nameboard "PAC DUCHESS" (detail) (sold)

salvaged ship's name board: Satoco II Houston, TX (SATOCO = Sabine Towing Co. appx 24" x 71") - sold
All salvaged from merchant marine vessels, these range in size and condition:
"SMALL" keyboxes appx 17 x 14 x 4"
"MEDIUM" keyboxes appx 18 x 24 x 5"
"LARGE" keyboxes appx 30 x 19 x 5"

Keyboxes; the two pictured here are 13 3/4" x 17 3/4" (front) and 17 3/4" x 23 1/4" (rear)

This may be the largest keybox we've received. It measures
39 1/2" tall x 35 1/2" wide. (sold)

Keyboxes (far right: 19 1/2" x 31 1/2") various

Assorted wooden lobster buoys (call or email for availability). appx 14" tall x 3" base

XL wheelhouse brass portlight - made into a dining room table with salvaged marine lumber - sold
handmade lobster buoys made in Maine - stamped with license no. - SMALL  (14" long) and LARGE (20" long) sizes available

Maine lobster buoys - call or email for pricing, color options and availability (LARGE pictured here: appx 13" length body plus 8" tail, 20" overall length)

Maine lobster buoys - (SMALL pictured here: appx 9" length body plus 5" tail, 14" total length)