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photo 1 : ships binnacle, figurehead (new), buoy navigation lights, liferings,
survival suit, hatch covers, ship wheel, portholes, cowling
(aka air scoop or air vent), tiki totem



photo 2 : anchors

Photo 3: ship's binnacle w/ compass, foxlights

photo 4 brass and copper lanterns, running lights, ship bell

photo 5

photo 6: portholes, sextants

photo 7: bumpers, aka rope fenders


photo 8 copper navigational lights

photo 9: port and starboard lights, lifeboat binnacle w compass

photo 10: copper port (red) running light

photo 11: assorted sized glass fishing floats

photo 12: pump foghorns

photo 13

photo 14: brass ships hull plate: daewoo shipbuilding, okpo Korea

photo 15: brass ships hull plate: Italcantieri - Sestri 1979

photo 16: brass ships hull plate kurushima Dockyard Launching 1976

photo 17 brass ships hull plate Szczecin Shipyard Poland 1980 *year of Poland's Independence: "Solidarity!" uprising which was led primarily by shipbuilders

photo 18: trunk

photo 19

photo 20: liferings

photo 21: ship's safe (appx 400 lbs) and port and starboard galvanized

photo 22: double mahogany ship doors with brass portholes, single mahogany ship doors with brass portholes... 2 double sets salvaged off the vessel "Royal Empress" November 2009

photo 23: Norwegian Pattern foghorn, XL brass porthole
window with opening porthole

photo 24

Authentic Ship Crockery
(Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware)
 bearing each line’s unique House (aka “Company”) Flag or Funnel emblem
Sig. Bergesen d.y ASA
-Norwegian Ship Management company founded in 1935
-Tanker vessels, dry bulk cargo shipping, gas
-likely salvaged from the vessel Varanger (built 1974), sold & renamed (s/r) Faith 1984, s/r Faith I 1987, s/r Alice G 1991, s/r Seafriend 1991, s/r Akti A 1997, s/r Norna 2001, scrapped 2006.

photo 25

photo 26

photo 27

photo 28

Authentic Ship Crockery
(Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware)
 bearing each line’s unique House (aka “Company”) Flag or Funnel emblem
Odfjell shipping
-Norwegian shipping company founded in 1916
-Parcel Tankers, Tank terminal operators
-trademark orange vessels
-likely salvaged from vessel Taranger (built 1969), renamed Star Taranger 1972, sold & renamed (s/r) Star Najd 1978, s/r Star Orpheus 1980, s/r Star Luzon 1981, renamed San Juan Victory 1985, s/r Med Carrara 1990, scrapped 1994.

photo 29

Authentic Ship Crockery
(Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware)
 bearing each line’s unique House (aka “Company”) Flag or Funnel emblem

-Norwegian parent company of Odjfell Tankers
-flag spec: swallow-tailed white with 3 entwined blue circles
-likely salvaged from vessel Nordanger (built 1976), sold & renamed (s/r) Bow Selene 1990, renamed NCC Madinah 1990, sold retained name 2000, scrapped as Diana 2006.


photo 30

Authentic Ship Crockery
(Salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware)
 bearing each line’s unique House (aka “Company”) Flag or Funnel emblem
Westfal-Larsen shipping
-Norwegian shipping company founded in 1905
- entered into cooperation with Odfjell shipping in 1964
-de-merger changed ownership to Masterbulk (Singapore)
-likely salvaged from vessel Porsanger (built 1976), sold & renamed (s/r) Bow Saturn 1990, s/r NCC Jouf 1990, sold & retained name 2000, scrapped as Atria 2006.

Helge Myhre
- Norwegian Shipping Management company
- likely salvaged from the vessel originally named the Lord Kelvin in 1978…  renamed Helios 1987, renamed Herdis 1991, sold & renamed Jag Vayu 1997, scrapped 2009.


photo 31: XL hatch covers (app 9'7" long)

photo 32: ship grates

photo 33 brass post lights, brass 4 bar lights, brass oslo post lights

photo 34: framed artwork (by freelance photographer Wes Austin)

photo 35: block and tackle, brass ringed pulleys (Fall 2011: Compare to Restoration Hardware's Objets D'Art!)

photo 36

photo 37

photo 38: retired, salvaged navigational charts

photo 39: XL framed ship blueprints from vessel "City of Erie"

photo 40: salvaged country flags (aka "flags of convenience) from all around the world... Looking for a particular country? Just email us!

photo 41: Authentic salvaged maritime signal flags - from
ships. A to Z - we have all letters of the alphabet!

photo 42: foxlights

photo 43: foxlights

photo 44: salvaged mahogany ship doors w/ 3 brass portholes in each door from the scrapped vessel "Royal Empress"

photo 45

photo 46: (authentic) aluminum porthole table

photo 47: aluminum porthole table, running lights

photo 48: authentic rectangular brass porthole table

photo 49

photo 50: WWII era US Navy engine order telegraph, bunk ladder, key box, glass fishing net floats, framed Galveston map, framed fan coral art

photo 51: riddling rack, bunk ladder, geared steering station

photo 52

photo 53: galvanized ship lanterns - fresnel lens

photo 54 - Brass and copper running lights, brass lifeboat binnacle

photo 55: salvaged brass passageway lights, 90 degree passageway lights

photo 56: salvaged aluminum porthole

photo 57: salvaged aluminum and brass portholes

photo 58: XL rectangular fixed brass porthole windows

photo 59: tiki totems

photo 60: ship wheel, trunk, pulley/block, shrimp nets, onion jug

photo 61: XL brass porthole window w attached functional porthole window

photo 62: ship grates

photo 63: Large Naval Spotlight

photo 64 : Signal Light

photo 65 : Spotlight